Geloy Concepcion Manila, Philippines

Photographer, Videographer and Street Artist based in Manila, Philippines.

Geloy was born and raised in Pandacan, one of the roughest part of Manila. At his early age he was already introduced to the vibrance and chaos of the City. Geloy’s interest in art and journalism began as a teen doing editorial cartoon in his school’s newspaper but it was his later discovery of street art that would have a profound effect on him. He painted murals around Manila which gave him a leeway to delve deeper into the lives of the people he got to meet along the way. Wanting to share these stories started his journey in Photography.

Concepcion eventually became a professional photographer. He worked for National magazines and News agencies before pursuing documentary. His works have been exhibited in The USA, Europe, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia, Kosovo, Indonesia, and Philippines. Geloy is doing freelance editorial assignments apart from working on his long term projects. His works often represents his roots, the rule of the streets, stories of survival from society’s inevitable judgements.

Geloy Concepcion


Geloy Concepcion was chosen by photographer Hannah Reyes Morales


Laatikkomo’s interview with Geloy Concepcion will be posted soon.