Saisho Hirasawa Tokyo, Japan

I am always wondering for whom and why I’m taking photos.
An act of a man should certainly involves his aim in it.
But I have nothing like such aims I dare to say in my act of taking photos.
Then, what am I trying to show to the people to appreciate it? And why am I taking photos?


“Why” is “why” because it is always and forever uncertain.

Now the photo is a fiction and also a fantasy for me rather than a long record.  I am sure it is the best means for me to be able to convert the scenes which I saw into my favorite cozy world of fairy tales.
I am keeping to take photos, even though the “why” always stays with me.


While being swayed by “why”, I’m betting my life on the extraordinary, absurd game which will happen to bear the unknown worth.

What would be born?  What vision will be seen? Is that worth to see? Where is it?
When I am imaging such things, I am so excited.
I am always eager to seek my new face.

So, always a “why” is the driving force for my act.
And I am sure that I will not get the solution for it , until I die, or even after I die?
So I get exciting. I am longing for finding the new sense of value, which no one has seen and heard before. For seeking it, I am keeping to take photos.

Saisho Hirasawa


Saisho Hirasawa was chosen by photographer Takeshi Sumi



Laatikkomo’s interview with Saisho Hirasawa July 15th, 2016.

L:  Where are you from? What cities, and/or countries have you lived in – or what places have influenced you?
SH : I live in Tokyo. And I underwent all influence from Tokyo.
There were a counterculture and a musical movement of a club scene in Tokyo in 90 ‘s. These formed my present spirit.


L:  What is your earliest memory of photography?
SH :   It’s when I was 31 years old, that I  consciously began photography. There were no things considered about photography art at all up to that point for me. I had lived in the closed world then.One day the sun looked very beautiful to me. I decided to take a photograph for this reason only.


L: Photography is often used to preserve memories or a moment in the past, and many of your projects also seem to deal with the question of preservation. Is your act of photographing more about proving the existence of the past or preserving a moment for the future?
SH:  I’m thinking a photograph can be a record and can be a fiction at the same time and it can keep timelessly.


L: Your work sometimes makes collages with images from different media sources. Apart from photography, is there another art form that inspires you or influences the work you make?
SH: There is nothing.
 I’m thinking a photograph can be affected only by a photograph.


L:  What is one of the most important questions that you ask, or would like to inspire others to ask, through your photographs?
SH : I am a photographer who is not interested about the influence that my photograph gives to beholders.
 I’m more interested in what kind of influence I have on myself than the influence which I give to others.


L:  Could you list five or more words related to the work you are showing in Laatikkomo?
SH: Politics



Thank you very much Saisho!