Tushikur Rahman Bangladesh

Tushikur Rahman, born in Bangladesh in 1987, is a documentary photographer who prefers to work with social issues.Tushik attended Pathshala SouthAsian Media Academy for BA in Photography. He participated in various international workshops conducted by renowned teachers and practitioners including StuartFreedman, Jorge Villacorta,Shannon Lee Castleman, Abir Abdullah and Munem Wasif. He has documented the lives of ‘Tiger widows’ and a full sequence of a tiger being slaughtered by hundreds of people in Shatkhira,Bangladesh. During 2005-8 he traveled across Bangladesh to capture the lives of various peopleliving in sufic orders, theirunconventional lifestyle and

their love and passion towards music. In 2010, he finished his latest project, Fatalistic Tendency, a subject concerned with depression that results in violence. Tushik is looking forward to work on more social issues which may have been overlooked. In 2011 he was selected as a finalist for the Burn magazine’s ‘EPF (Emerging Photographer Fund Grant)’. He was a finalist for the ‘WPO-World Photography Organization’ Student focus award 2011; he received 3rd prize of Jury award in conceptual category of prestigious Viewbook Photostory 2010.


Tushikur Rahman

Tushikur Rahman was chosen by photographer Salma Abedin Prithi


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