Alizz Vichchou

Alizz began her career enchanted by the charm and simplicity of photographic form in black-and-white works. She delved into her formal series ‘SPACE’ focused street photography and has dedicated her time working in the public arts continuously since 2010. She has used her determination to improve herself to continue her photographic work.

Alizz feels that everything around us is interpreted and illustrated through our own unique perspectives. There are no limits or restriction as long as you are dedicated, thoughtful, and professional in your endeavours. Her photographic work is imbued with her meticulousness, emotions, precise nature, meditative thought and feeling, and imagination. Alizz Vichchou invites the audience to walk into her world through her photographs

Alizz Vichchou


Alizz Vichchou was chosen by photographer Akkara Naktamna



Laatikkomo’s interview with Alizz Vichchou will be posted soon.