Arfun Ahmed Dhaka, Bangladesh

Arfun Ahmed (b 1988), photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Studied at ‘Pathshala’ South Asian Media Institute. Now working as a faculty member in the same institute.

Arfun Ahmed

Arfun Ahmed was chosen by Nepali photographer Prasiit Sthapit



Laatikkomo’s interview with Arfun Ahmed  August 15th, 2013

Where are you from?

(What cities, and/or countries have you lived in – or what places have influenced you?)

AA:  I’m from Dhaka, actually from the oldest part of it. I didn’t live in any other country.


What is your earliest memory of photography?

AA:  I can’t pin point it. but I can remember when, start taking photography seriously!  I was an independent film movement activist, and wanted to be cinematographer! One of my filmmaker friend said, if you understand photography a bit it will help you to understand cinematography! So I went to ‘Pathshala South Asian Media Institute’ for a basic course and after finishing that, I attended to a workshop. And I fell in love with this medium.


Your different photographs seem to be the illustrations of a story. When the details of each individual series are stripped away, are you telling the same stories from different angles?
AA: Interesting! I will think about that!


It seems that your process of working is about adventure – photographic exploration charting undocumented territory of ordinary people.  Are there risks involved in your process?

AA: I never thought about it! I don’t know my process of working is about any kinds of adventure or not!   And what risk are you talking about?


Your photographs seem to carry social and/or environmental undertones. Is your work, as a photographer, considered political in Bangladesh? (Your choice of subject matter, the stories you want to tell)

AA: My works may seem to carry social and/or environmental undertones, but I don’t think like that. I’m a storyteller, to me a story is only a story and, I don’t care either its true or not, either it had social context or not! I only care about the story, is it a beautiful story to tell others or not! I always wanted to tell a beautiful lie!

I think humans are political animal, and photographers are also human right?  So my works can be considered as political in anywhere in this world!


Could you list 5 (or more) words that you were thinking about when you made this work?

AA: 1. Reality vs fantasy

2. Magic

3. Love

4. Fun

5. Private space


Do you have a message or a question that you would like to reveal through your photography?

AA: No, nothing like that.

Thank you Arfun!